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Wisconsin Partners and member groups use a model that combines asset-based community development, the broad-based relational model, and our own wisdom from years of experience.

We all know the value of working together to address root causes, but how do we really do it?

We can offer interactive workshops and facilitation ranging from 45 minutes to a full day, on the following topics:

  • Asset-Based Cooperation - Practices that transform an organization or group away from competition, isolation, and disempowerment - and towards an environment where everyone has voice and influence, and poised for effective, powerful impact.

  • Effective one-on-ones - One-on-one meetings are a core practice. We can offer tips and practice space making this time as effective as possible. How do we build trust and get to the root of mutual self-interest with someone else?

  • Team building for collective action We know we need to work together to solve "wicked" problems - but that can be easier said that done. Collaboration takes practice and intention, and we can offer support and training for your team.

  • Asset-mapping and power-mapping - Ready to take action? We can guide you through Asset-Mapping, which helps identifies the strengths and resources available to you, and Power-Mapping, which helps understand who has influence and power in a situation, and how to strategically connect with those people.

  • Depolarization for community action - We believe that every person in the community has something to offer, and we want everyone to be involved. This means we are working across political divides on a regular basis. We can offer depolarizing workshops to help you and your team collaborate in the midst of polarization.

  • Building relationships across sectors, perspectives, and regions - We can help you move from one-on-one relationships to team-building, specifically keeping in mind the work of connecting across various divides. These relationships are the foundation for effective action.



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