Broad-Based Relational Model of Community Building

By building relationships first, engaging people with different perspectives and experiences, we can effect lasting change in our communities and meet the real needs of our selves and our neighbors.

When we start with issues, we often get the same people at the table. We want to involve new people, new ideas, new skills, and new perspectives.

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Depolarization as a Basis for Collective Community Action

We believe our communities are strongest when we work together. We believe that conflict can be a source of innovation. We believe in digging deep to common ground. 

Strong communities start with strong relationships. We believe relationships are forged in action: having hard conversations is a good start, but working side-by-side is critical to deep connections, especially across divides.

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Building What We Want to Grow

We use an asset-based approach to community-building efforts, seeking to amplify the best parts of what we already have. We can do a lot with what we already have, especially when we act collaboratively and think creatively.