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Wisconsin Partners

Collaborating across sectors, perspectives, and communities for a better Wisconsin

Addressing root causes and common ground issues from an asset-based, relational approach

Working together, learning from each other, and finding alignment in values and goals


Past Financial Contributions

When possible, please consider a bump, even minor, to your annual contribution. We operate intentionally as a low-budget, nimble organization and will continue to be mindful stewards. Basic costs of travel and communications continue to increase, in addition to personnel expenses, particularly health care.

Members are not turned away for lack of funds. We operate from a place of transparency and mutuality. The below amounts were 2023 contributions:

AARP --- $5,000

Create WI --- $500

Feeding WI--- $1,000

GWAAR--- $5,000

NAMI WI--- $3,500

RWHC--- $7,500

UWWI--- $2,000 (split between UWWi+211)

WISCAP--- $1,250 ($500 annual + $750 to site visit)

WCC--- $3,000

WCA--- $5,000

WECA--- $15,000

WPHCA--- $5,000

WPN--- $1,000

Tim Size--- $3,000

Stronger Together Fox Valley--- $1,000

2024 Commitment Form

Thank you for continuing with Wisconsin Partners in 2024! Together, we can address root causes and common-ground solutions for a better Wisconsin.

Thanks for being a part of Wisconsin Partners!

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