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Collaborating across sectors, perspectives, & communities for a better Wisconsin


A Wisconsin where we all thrive together



Connect across divides

Operate from a place of abundance

Leverage assets

Lean into discomfort

Address root causes

Build relationships before we need them

Offer solutions

Realize the potential in others

Allow our values to drive our work

Transform conflict, think creatively

Identify common ground

Notice the good

Get things done


Wisconsin Partners is a membership-based coalition of statewide associations and community-based civic groups. These organizations reflect a range of sectors, perspectives, and immediate goals, but share a commitment to collaborating for a better Wisconsin for everyone.

Every member sends one or two representatives to four Core Team meetings a year and serve on Focus Teams, which help move the work forward. We offer Huddles - spaces for informal connection and conversation - for Executive Directors, Policy & Governmental Affairs Staff, Communications & Outreach Staff, Funding Staff, and Staff focusing on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism efforts.

In 2023, we will be hosting a series of member conversations around Connection. We are concerned about the rates of polarization, isolation, and insulation in our communities and in our state, and share a commitment to addressing those challenges.

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