Wisconsin Partners is a coalition of statewide associations and civic-led community groups committed to deep collaboration.

Our goal is to be an effective community-building network that brings about positive change through the building of the enduring broad-based relationships that make bold action possible.

We believe we can create a culture of optimism and opportunity in our state that will support development initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all of us who call Wisconsin home.


1. Deepening our ability to work together as a diverse network of statewide associations

2. Supporting community initiatives across the state

3. Identifying broad issue areas for research and action on a statewide level

4. Determining other regions in the State for expansion of community initiatives

5. Broadening the base of statewide association participants


The role of Wisconsin Partners is to enhance nonpartisan multi-sector collaboration, support local communities, build and connect to resources, and catalyze bold thinking.
Wisconsin Partners utilizes a broad-based relational model as our primary tool for community building. We engage communities in dialogue to assist in building relational-based and civic-driven regional organizations that move toward action. We also welcome opportunities to engage with and support existing projects and collaborative partners, when these projects and partners align or seek to align with our values and approaches, through consensus of the Core Team. Regional groups may utilize additional models or strategies alongside a broad-based relational model. Wisconsin Partners seeks to take consensus-based statewide action on issues of common concern, as they occur organically and through direction from regional groups.
Core to Wisconsin Partners is an effort to tackle isolated and insulated efforts, instead serving as a nonpartisan bridge between multi-sector associations. These associations commit to carrying out the vision and values of Wisconsin Partners internally and in relationship with one another, identifying common ground in order to act boldly.