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Kickapoo Conversation began in 2014 as a group of community members identifying areas to initiate collaborative responses in rural Vernon, Monroe, and parts of Crawford counties.

Current Projects:

After identifying childcare as a critical issue in the community, Kickapoo Conversations launched a Shared Services Network to support providers, parents, children, and employers. This initiative earned a Wisconsin Top Rural Development Initiative Award in 2020.

Kickapoo Conversations also works to improve communication and connectivity between communities, as a shared approach to issues of technological isolation, expensive bulk purchases, and information sharing. When the region experienced serious flooding in August 2018, Kickapoo Conversations was prepared to help coordinate a regional/multi-community response, and has continue to play a leadership role in the River to Ridge Flood Recovery initiative.

In winter of 2020, Kickapoo Conversations hosted a regional summit on Revisioning Rural Housing, bringing people together across sectors and across communities in order to empower individuals to collectively address the housing crisis in the region. Please send us an email if you'd like to get connected to the group!

Communities Involved:

  • Cashton, Westby, Viroqua, Ontario, LaFarge​, 

How you can get involved:

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