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the equity network


Communities in the Fox Valley Region uphold equity and racial justice as shared values and expectations.


Create a regional network of organizations committed to monitoring local decision-making using a civil rights strategy that holds network members and policymakers accountable in our community. 

What success looks like

  • Provide a coordinated effort for member organizations to put stated values into practice

  • Cooperatively monitor local issues and proposals with an equity lens.

  • Expect local policymakers to

    • use methods and data in ways that include full and fair participation by diverse communities

    • distribute benefits fairly and mitigate the negative impacts of many forms of social and health inequities and discrimination

  • Build relationships between member organizations to increase trust and information sharing

  • Improve community capacity for considering the needs of all residents and making choices to build greater equity


Why an Equity Network?

Inequities and disparities stem from a wide range of policies and practices implemented at a local level.  Ensuring decisions are made in ways that promote the common good takes active monitoring by local residents. Many organizations are interested in building stronger communities where all can thrive.  Some are already engaged in specific policy issues.  In the Equity Network, participating organizations and individuals will work together for more effective monitoring and communication for civic engagement. 

A legal framework exists within Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which outlines expectations for planning and community input to assist local policymakers so their decisions are nondiscriminatory for public and private programs and projects supported by federal funding.  Civil rights are also protected in state law.  The Equity Network will help provide a vital and often missing link between the intention of the law and realizing equitable outcomes locally. 

Who is involved?


Help the Equity Network build stronger, healthier communities

  • Ask your organization to join the network.

  • Learn more in our webinars

  • Sign up to help monitor one of your local government boards or committees -- Choose from country, municipality, or school district.

  • Share opportunities to speak to important local policies and funding

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