Stronger Together Fox Valley is a network of citizen leaders bringing their associations together to work to improve the quality of life for people in their communities. Our aim is to strengthen our capacity to engage as citizens for the common good.

Current Projects & Collaborations:

The Good Early Start Team has the aspirational goal of helping the Fox Valley become a model community focused on improving child well-being and demonstrating the power of intentionally creating environments supportive of healthy families and optimal for child development.

The Intergenerational Connections Team is creating cross-sector conversations and collaboration among associations and individuals interested in fostering healthy intergenerational relationships in the Fox Valley.

Stronger Together Fox Valley is part of the Neighborhood Partners Network, a collaborative effort to build the capacity of neighborhoods to create positive change, and to build positive, productive relationships between neighborhoods and the institutions that serve them.

Stronger Together has coordinated and facilitated trainings based on the 7 Habits of Depolarizing People and is committed to meaningful partnerships.

Communities Involved:

Fox Cities, Oshkosh

How you can get involved:

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