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The mission of Southwest Partners is to create a healthy forward thinking culture for attracting, retaining and nurturing people and their dreams for our region.

Current Projects:

The Pine River Trails Project works to improve silent sports opportunities in the region, including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, showshoeing, cross country skiing, and rustic camping. In 2020, the focus is on the SR Landing, which will add 2.5 float hours to the river and have accessibility in mind. Other projects have included Safe Routes to School, Cycling Without Age, landing enhancement and accessibility, trail resurfacing, and river/park clean ups.

Community Prosperity Alliance works with 16 townships and 5 villages to support economic development across the region, including new small business development and expanding existing businesses. SWP Legacy Foundation is exploring plans for the Center Creek Professional Building in 2020. 


Additional initiatives and efforts have included the Career Education Cooperative, Day Care Ad Hoc Committee, a new Skate Park, Gazebo/Band Shelter, Old Community Center, and raising $2.2 million for a new aquatic center in Richland Center.

Communities Involved:

  • Richland Center, Rockbridge, Hillsboro

How you can get involved:

Click here to go to the Southwest Partners website

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