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County and city collaborate to build tax base

What: Richland County sold a foreclosed, devastated home to Richland Center municipality for $1. The City invested funds to demolish and clean up the property. They will sell it to a developer at low cost, who can then build a duplex on the land instead. This will provide two new, safe units of housing in a walkable area of a small community, and will increase the tax base for the city, which will recoup its investment in five years.

Why: The community needs new housing. The county owned property that was unsafe and uninhabitable.

How: Richland Economic Development worked for many years to build trusting relationships with other community partners, including county and city government. When they learned about the foreclosed property, they began having conversations with local representatives, who ultimately were convinced to vote for the project.

Who: Richland Economic Development, Richland County, Richland Center government

Where: Richland Center, WI

When: 2022


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