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HOUSING: a multi-sector response

Housing is one of the most pressing challenges for communities all across Wisconsin. Hundreds of thousands of residents pay more than 50% of their income every month on housing - a fact that is alarming but not surprising, given the rapid increase of housing costs over the last several decades.

A lack of housing impacts individuals and families, but it also impacts communities as a whole. Without adequate housing, businesses cannot find enough employees, health outcomes decrease, school performance lags, and more of our neighbors are focused on basic survival, rather than thriving, growing, or creating together.

In 2022, Wisconsin Partners launched a series of conversations about housing from a multi-sector, asset-based, and community-centered perspective. We wanted to figure out how our wide array of members  could work together.

In the process, we heard about success stories around the state: examples of everyday people and community-based institutions working on local-level solutions. We have gathered them below in the hopes that others will be just as inspired as we have been, and that these ideas will continue to spark innovative, collaborative, effective solutions.

Do you have case studies to add? Please email - we would love to feature more efforts!


Dirctory of locals

case studies of individuals, organizations, and communities who have taken action on housing in Wisconsin

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